Blueberry Bash

Sunday, August 21st
Main Stage

We will be kicking off the event with the annual Richland Bank Treasure Hunt.
This event is family oriented with various competitions and a few craft tables as well!

Tentative Schedule: The times may be adjusted if certain events take more or less time than anticipated.
Other competitions may be added if time allows as well.

3:30PM Richland Bank Treasure Hunt
Pie Eating Contest. Pies are generously donated by the Lexington Senior Center
Blueberry spitting contest
Bubble gum blowing contest
Water races
Blueberry Stomp! Teams of 2 compete to stomp their blueberries the fastest!
(This event may cause contestants to get blueberry juice on their clothes.)
*During the entire event, tables will be available for children to get their nails painted or
to make bracelets/necklaces.

For more information, contact:
Katie Getz


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