Contact the Lexington Blueberry Festival Committee

Chairman: Lisa Beilstein,  419-884-1797,
Treasurer: Brian H. Moore, 419-884-1702, 
5K Run:
James Twedt, 419-522-3511,
Blood Drive: Red Cross - Bill Doehla,  614-359-8751
Web Site: Mark Wright/Wright Web Works,  440-725-9631,
Grounds Coordinator, Volunteers & Security: Brian White,   419-884-8189,
Music: April, 567-274-2461,
Pageants: Shara Thomas 419-612-1774     Peggy Lewis 419-774-9600
Parade Coordinator: Cathy L. McGlone,  419-756-4206,
Parks Superintendent: Tom Argenio,   419-295-7414
Photography Marty Shone, 419-756-4105,
Publicity & Advertising: Angela McKee 419-709-6722
Scottish Highland Games: Scott Williams ,   419-566-4494,
Family Entertainment Events & Blueberry Idol: Katie Getz,  419-544-2700,
Security: Harry Mains  419-512-5160
Live Auction: Brenda Shone,     419-756-4105,,
Sponsors, Donations and Street Signs: Jessica Gribben,   419-884-1054,
Vendors, Business : Jeff Angelini,   419-295-2478,
Vendors, Food: Steve Beilstein,   419-884-1797,
Village Administrator :Aaron Wiegand,   419-884-0765,
Volleyball: Scott & Gretchen Bobst ,   419-756-0350,

Committee Members remember: If you need anything purchased for the festival,
please run it through the Village of Lexington with this form:
Purchase Request (PDF format)

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