Little Miss Blueberry, Jr. Miss Blueberry and Miss Blueberry Pageant

Friday, August 15th
Lexington Community Park
4:15 PM

Blueberry Pageant Flyer
Senior Blueberry Pageant Flyer

Refer to the Pageant rules for more information. Please complete the Application, Medical Release Form and Media Information Sheet. You must also provide a copy of the child's birth certificate. You can download and print out the following forms:
Blueberry Pageant Application
- Pageant Instructions

Senior Blueberry Pageant Application

Announcing the 2013 Pageant Winners!
Baby Blueberry: Aubrey McGregor
Runner up: Marissa Kinnamon
Little Miss Sunshine: Sophia Fisher
Little Miss Winner: Addysen Jacobsen
Runner up: Alexis Foster
Little Miss Sunshine: Briley Hughett
JR Miss Sunshine: Chloe Dean
Runner up: Ada Baughman
Little Miss Sunshine: Destiny Bertram
Miss Blueberry Winner: Alexis Papst
Runner up: Goelena Milano
Little Miss Sunshine: Madeline Heichel

Good Luck! For more information, contact:

Shara Thomas 419-612-1774     Peggy Lewis 419-774-9600

Sponsored by Forget-Me-Not Flowers / Allure Studios / Lexington Kiwanis

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