Vendor List

Here is the list of 2013 vendors at the Lexington Blueberry Festival:

    2 Guys Concessions BB Chipotle Salsa Gyros, Brauts, Steakburger, pop, water
    American Pride Services BB Frypies, amish Funnel cakes, elephant ears, lemonade, coffee, water
    Chaos Cafe BB wrap sauce French Fries, philly cheese steaks, chicken wraps
    Cortelletti BB Flatbread Pizza Flatbread Sandwich (Ranch, Chipotle, Smokehouse), pop
    *NEW* Dip-in-Dots Blue Raz Dip-In-Dots Dip-in-dots icecream
    Joy Foods BB Chipotle Dipping Sauce Corn dogs, fried cheese on a stick, chicken tenders, mozz sticks, poppers, fried ravioli, pop, water
    Joy Foods BB Dessert Stromboli Pizza, stromboli, pizza bread, pretzels, pop, tea, coffee, water
    K&D Concessions BB Sauce Fish sandwich, fish basket, steak burgers, italian sausage, shredded chicken, footlongs, pop, water
    Lerch's Donuts BB Donut French Waffles, pop, water, hot drinks
    Lerch's Donuts BB Lemonade Lemonade
    Mr. K's  BB Sausage pancake on a stick French Fries, corndogs, cold drinks
    Mr. K's  BB Sausage pancake on a stick French Fries, corndogs, cold drinks
    N&P Concessions BB Dipping Sauce Deep fried veggies, onion rings, coney dog, hot dog, pop, water, drinks (ribbon fries)
    Ohio Farm Direct BB Cheese, Yogurt, Milkshake Cheese burger, Melt, Grilled Cheese, Milkshakes, Yogurt, Cheese
    *NEW* Schmidts BB Cream Puffs German Sausages, Bahama Mamas, Bratwurst, knockwurst, fat daddy frankfurters
    Schroeders  BB Sundae Icecream
    Sergant # 1 Concession BB Cheesecake push-pop or bites Chicken Paprikasj, Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich w/ bbq pulled pork, taco salad, walking taco, apple dumplinds, choc lava cake.
    The Blueberry Patch BB BBQ Chicken Burger, chicken, pulled pork, ribs, pie, cobbler, cheesecake, icecream, tea, water, smoothie, coffee

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